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A boiler should be serviced at least once per year to ensure it operates effectively. Your boiler warranty will lapse if you don’t service your boiler once a year. Registered engineers can only perform boiler maintenance. It is required for landlords to keep records of all gas appliance inspections and boiler servicing.

By maintaining the system yearly, you can avoid all of these problems. The boiler will undergo several inspections and tests as part of the boiler service in Cambridge. Doing so can ensure that your boiler is functioning correctly and efficiently. During a boiler service, an engineer checks the gas flow and the boiler’s pressure.

1. How frequently should my boiler be serviced?

Specialists recommend yearly boiler maintenance. Many boiler manufacturers will not honor their warranties unless your boiler has been maintained by a gas engineer every 12 months.

Suppose your boiler is still relatively new. Schedule routine maintenance and get a receipt. Your heating engineer will be able to give you a receipt you can show the boiler manufacturer if you need to use the warranty.

2. What does a boiler service include?

Different boiler problems might occur, and each problem has a unique set of factors to consider. Knowing the difference between small problems you can work on your own and those that require hiring a professional specialist can be useful if something goes wrong.

  • Visual inspection: As part of the visual inspection, the engineer will pay special attention to any weak spots, such as gas leaks and corrosion damage.
  • Removal of the casing: The engineer will examine a few things when he removes the casing. Inspecting the burner, the spark probe, the main injector, and the heat exchanger is necessary.
  • Flue check: An engineer will inspect the flue terminals during this inspection to ensure they are clear of obstructions. By doing so, he can determine whether any potentially harmful pollutants are being released.
  • Check the gas pressure: The operation of a boiler depends on gas pressure. Therefore, the boiler must have great gas pressure. Water in faucets and radiators won’t heat up properly if this isn’t done.
  • Removing corrosion: Corrosion is a visible sign that your boiler needs to be replaced. Most manufacturers design boiler systems to resist corrosion for many years, but broken valves and leaks can allow air into a can and cause corrosion. Heat exchanger and burner reactions can also result in corrosion.
  • Checking leaks: It is common for leaks to indicate more than just inefficient boiler operation. There is a possibility of more danger nearby when there is a leak. When you discover a leak or water collecting around your boiler, call a professional for boiler service in Cambridge.
  • Troubleshooting sound from the boiler: Boiler systems shouldn’t be completely silent; they should make a decent amount of sound. However, there are different types of sounds that your boiler should never produce. For instance, if your boiler is making a clanging noise, a loud hammering noise, or any other unsettling sound, it may be time to repair it.
  • Checking the pilot light: Keep a pilot light on constantly to protect the bigger burners from shutting off, depending on how old your boiler is. If the pilot light on your house continues going out, do not try to fix or replace it. Call boiler servicing as soon as your pilot light goes out to inform them. A technician will assess the problem thoroughly.

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