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Furnace Maintenance In Cambridge, Kitchener, Guelph, ON, And Surrounding Areas

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A furnace is an essential component in your home during winter, however, every furnace requires routine maintenance to ensure proper operation and provide years of reliable service. Contact Us Today for Furnace Maintenance In Cambridge, Kitchener, Guelph, ON, And Surrounding Areas.

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Unfortunately, many homeowners ignore their furnace until it begins to break down. Your furnace is prone to wear and tear during the heating season. Lack of furnace maintenance results in higher energy bills, more frequent repairs, and more discomfort for the homeowner.

Benefits Of Furnace Maintenance:

  • Saves money
    Regular furnace maintenance ensures your furnace is functioning as efficiently as possible. That means a homeowner will save money on electricity bills every month and avoid unnecessary furnace repair costs.
  • Reduces the chance of failure
    Regular furnace maintenance allows an expert to discover and solve minor concerns before they become significant. That results in fewer system failures and reduces the likelihood of being without heat throughout the winter. It also cuts down on the need for furnace repairs.
  • Protect your home from the risk
    It is essential to inspect the burner combustion, electrical wiring, and motors to ensure the safety of your home. Regular furnace maintenance is the best way to ensure that your furnace is safe and that it isn’t leaking dangerous contaminants like carbon monoxide.
  • Maintain your warranty
    Furnace maintenance may be essential to keep your warranty valid. It also assures that you are fully covered if something occurs during the warranty period.
  • Extend the lifespan
    Regular furnace maintenance is essential to extending the life of your heating system. Your HVAC technician will ensure that all components in your furnace are clean and free of buildup or debris. That will reduce wear and tear, which can shorten the unit’s lifespan.

Professional furnace maintenance checklist

The essential components of your furnace are inspected, cleaned, repaired, or replaced as necessary during your furnace maintenance visits. The process includes the following:

  • Cleaning or replacing air filters
  • Examine the igniter burner assembly
  • Inspect the heating components or heat exchangers thoroughly. If these are damaged, they may cause carbon monoxide problems
  • Examine the flue system and ensure it is firmly attached to the furnace
  • The technician will look for gas leaks if you have a gas furnace
  • It is also essential to verify the gas pressure
  • Examine the wiring and electrical connections
  • Lubricate all moving parts within the furnace
  • Examine thermostats and calibrate as needed
  • Testing the system’s startup cycle and ensuring that it works properly
  • Examining all belts for cracks or signs of wear and damage
  • Checking ducts and vents


Having your furnace inspected before you need it is the best way to keep it efficient and reliable. Regular maintenance can save you time, stress and money by including a full diagnostic inspection to ensure your furnace performs safely and efficiently.

For the best and most reliable furnace maintenance service, contact Optimal Climate Air Inc for help in HVAC maintenance. We have a team of certified technicians who have handled all types of maintenance. Call us at (519) 496-2022 to schedule your furnace maintenance appointment or to find out more information.

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