Heat Pump Services In Cambridge, ON

Heat Pump Services In Cambridge, Kitchener, Guelph, ON, And Surrounding Areas

Optimal Climate Air Inc | Heat Pump Services In Cambridge, ONHeat pump systems are modern HVAC systems that works in winter, meets the comfort needs of a household, and runs efficiently. You do not have to worry about an increase in electricity and utility bills. However, like all HVAC systems, heat pumps require annual maintenance for correct functioning.

A heat pump needs biannual maintenance services for its proper operation. Read below to know about heat pump services in Cambridge, ON

1. It is time to call the technician for heat pump maintenance

When you call the technician to maintain the heat pump system, you ensure the system doesn’t disrupt the comfort in your home suddenly in the middle of the season. Just like you call the technician to maintain the heating and cooling, you have to call the technician biannually as the heat pump works in all seasons.

It is best to call the technician at the beginning of the summer and winter seasons so the technician can tune up the system and resolve the problems building inside the unit. 

2. Problems that can disrupt the comfort of your home

Here are some problems that you might face which require the help of a heat pump service technician in Cambridge, ON, for a quick inspection and repair service:

  • Water Dripping from the Heat Pump Unit

The condensate drains are blocked if the water leaks from the outdoor unit. You can call the technician to repair the issue, but you can also resolve it easily. All you need to do is find the blockage and clean it with a long brush. Open the lid and use a torch to find the issue. Pour hot boiling water down the drain to make the removal easier.

The evaporator coils are frozen if the water drips from the indoor air handler. We recommend switching down the heat pump system until all the ice melts. Call the technician to inspect the system because the evaporator coils freeze for two reasons, i.e., dirty coils and refrigerant leakage.

  • Heat Pump not Switching to Heat Mode

Heat pumps have a reversing valve that reverses the refrigerant flow according to the setting. You may not be able to switch the modes of the heat pump system if reversing valve malfunctions. You need to call the technician to fix the reversing valve.

  • Short Cycling Issue of the System

Does your indoor air handler abruptly shut down in the middle of the cooling or heating cycle? The heat pump system is short-cycling, which is not good for the compressor. Restarting a cooling or heating cycle can increase the strain on the compressor.

Overheating can be one of the reasons why the heat pump is short-cycling. It might even shut down if you use the overheated heat pump system. Refrigerant leakage and improper thermostat settings can be potential reasons behind the issue.

  • The Heat Pump System Runs Continuously

Between the two heating or cooling cycles, there should be a break of 3-5 minutes. During this 3-5 minute break, the indoor air handler should operate silently. If you notice that your indoor handler is never silent, it means the heat pump system is running continuously. We recommend checking the air filter and condenser coils.

Replace the air filter and clean the condenser coils if excessive dust is collected on the surface. It can also be due to a broken compressor contractor controlling the current flow to different components.

To summarize,

A heat pump is an expensive investment, and you need a professional expert to handle and operate your heat pump system.

Optimal Climate Air technicians are here to help you deliver the HVAC service you want. We offer our customers on-time services and effective solutions to repair problems that will resolve the issue, guaranteed. Call 519-496-2022 and schedule heat pump services in Cambridge, ON

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