Top 7 Reasons Why Your Furnace is Blowing Cold Air & How to Fix It

A furnace is a great source of comfort in the cold weather. Due to increased usage on your system, the system can eventually show signs of wear and tear. One symptom in particular includes blowing cold air instead of warm air. If you happen to be experiencing this problem with your furnace, contact us for furnace repair service in Cambridge. Before you get in touch with our expert, you should know why such a problem arises in the first place.

Top 7 Reasons Why The Furnace Blows Cold Air

Our heating service professionals in Cambridge suggest inspecting the system first and seeing if you can repair it on your own. Here are seven top reasons your furnace is not blowing warm air:

  • The Filters have Become Filthy

The air can’t pass through when the furnace filters become filled with dirt, hair, fur, or pollen. If you notice the system gets overheated or overworking to provide comfort, you may want to inspect the condition of the filters. At this point, the system fails to heat your indoor air.

  • The Thermostat Setup is Incorrect

When the weather moves to cold weather, you should not forget to set the thermostat to the Heat option. Many homeowners receive cold air because the thermostat setting has not been changed. If you find a problem setting the thermostat right, you should seek the help of our heating repair technician in Cambridge.

  • The Thermostat has Become Faulty

A thermostat can be faulty when it fails to send the appropriate signal to the HVAC system. The fan might turn on at this point, but the heater remains turned off. As a result, the furnace blows cold air into your room. Since it is a complex matter, allow our heating service technicians in Cambridge to take care of it.

  • The Pilot Light is Faulty

The pilot light in most furnaces turns the burners on to generate heat. If the pilot light gets blocked or damaged, the furnace will fail to work appropriately, and your rooms will receive cold air. You can approach this problem by locating the pilot light first and repairing it as instructed in the owner’s manual.

  • The Gas Line is Faulty

When you start getting cold air suddenly, you may inspect the gas line. It happens when there is a leak in the gas line or the gas supply is low. Unfortunately, you can’t do much here. You need to contact our professional furnace repair service in Cambridge.

  • The Ducts are Damaged

If the ducts have developed leaks and cracks, you can rest assured the system efficiency will decrease significantly. When the warm air escapes through these damages, the furnace will fail to keep providing comfort.

  • The Condensate Lines are Clogged

The condensate lines are responsible for removing moisture. If these lines are not cleaned efficiently, this blockage could lead to the deactivation of the burner and cause the system to blow cold air across your house.


The earlier you detect the problem and provide a solution, the faster your furnace will work. In this regard, you need the contact of a reliable heating repair service in CambridgeOptimal Climate Air Inc.

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